An ideal situation



   The  French  region is known as Bouches du
   Rhône  with its  wide  fertile plain, richly pro-
   ductive  smallholdings  and   fine  vineyards.
   The climate is magnificent. Pleasantly warm
   and sunny , rising  in  temperature  between
   June  and  September.  Dry winters, a sunny
   spring and colorful autumn . High temperatu-
   re late into  the evening in  the summer , but
   with a fresh breeze. A perfect outdoor life.

The region is the perfect place for a French countryside drive on a Sunday. The coast is only a hour away by car and Marseilles is quite near too. 
Having lived in a property in Burnham Market for many years, we also speak English fluently thus facilitating your stay.




A Provencal  haven of  peace and tranquillity, Aux
Deux Soeurs is situated in a private Alpilles valley
between the  market  village  of Saint - Etienne du
Grès and the beautiful historic town of Saint Rémy
de  Provence. In  a protected area of " outstanding
natural beauty" the  valley has been a home since
the 1700's.

"These places give the impression of having      
changed little in the last 100 years or more".      

John Flower - "Provence".     



Environs :

  • Saint-Rémy-de-Provence : 4 kilometres
  • Les Baux-de-Provence : 4 kilometres
  • Arles : 17 kilometres
  • Avignon : 15 kilometres
  • Marseille : 70 kilometres
  • The Mediteranean coast : 70 kilometres ...

Aux Deux Soeurs - Mr & Mme Wood - Vieux chemin d'Arles - 13103 Saint-Etienne-du-Grès
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